With the head office in the port of Durban, farmSPEC supplies Speciality Fertilizers, Animal Raw Feeds Material and Prescription Blends to the agricultural industry throughout Africa and abroad.

Volatile pricing over the past few years has resulted in buyers looking for “spot” products at lower prices, but this has resulted in scams, inferior products and huge losses to buyers.

farmSPEC provides service excellency and quality accredited products to safe guard its clients and create a sustainable long term business. 


The farmSPEC brand was introduced to the SA Blending market in 2007 but was later put on hold as it was felt at the time that the company did not want to blend in opposition to its own clients. More recently due to market demands and a shift in the industry towards more precise farming practices the brand has been re-introduced as a supplier, distributor and manufacturer of Speciality Fertilizers to the Blenders and Co-Op’s.

With thousands of South African farmers toiling in tough conditions to create successful businesses while providing for the country, farmSPEC is easing the load on the industry by providing precise agricultural products delivered timeously and to the highest standards through its Blenders and Co-Op clients.

farmSPEC’s policy is to support farming communities by providing agricultural products that give the farmer what is needed, when it is needed. This more precise approach places an emphasis on saving costs, with less risk to the supply chain and ultimately better yields on a sustainable, healthy basis.

Based in Durban, farmSPEC supplies speciality fertilizers to the agricultural industry. farmSPEC has after 15 years of research, trials and registrations become a leader in fertilizer speciality products including high quality soil conditioners, coated added-value fertilizers, granulated products, binding agents and specialized blends.

Tel: +27 31 564 9948
Cell: +27 78 1486547

11 St Andrews Drive
Durban North, 4051
South Africa