Technical Support

Specialist Agricultural Advice

Our Agricultural technical staff provides complex technical support for farmSPEC, advising on aspects of agricultural product development for a range of beneficiated products such as MAP (Active) Zn and CarbonBlack N are being used in innovative farming practices. 

Our technical staff perform the following tasks relating to our range of products:

  • Work with agronomists (crop scientists) using small plot experiments to compare plant varieties and test the effects of various treatments on growth and yield
  • Work with soil scientists to study irrigation techniques and analyse plants used in soil treatment experiments
  • Work with plant breeders to produce new strains and select superior products
  • Record and interpret experimental data in field experiments
  • interpret aerial photographs and prepare maps showing soil and vegetation patterns
  • Assist in the chemical analysis and laboratory culture of microorganisms that cause diseases in plants and animals
  • Carry out research and provide advice on various technical issues

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Cell: +27 78 1486547

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